Patient Reviews  &  Testimonials

John V. reviewed Progressive Oral Surgery — 5 star

I had a tooth extraction for an implant. Dr. Paganos and his assistant Jude were amazing and did a great job. The entire staff were amazing and could not have been more friendly. I also didn’t have to wait at all to be seen. I would strongly recommend Dr. Paganos and his entire staff.

Gwynne T. reviewed Progressive Oral Surgery — 5 star

Dr. Lee is a fantastic doctor and surgeon. I had a more difficult, non-routine wisdom tooth extracted today and he did a beautiful job. He explained all my surgical options before this point, went over the xrays and CT scan, and made sure i had all the information necessary to make the best decision. He made me feel comfortable from the very first day, im so glad i chose this office to help me. I Highly reccomend Dr. Lee and his staff.

Susan M. reviewed Progressive Oral Surgery — 5 star

My daughter just had two wisdom teeth taken out one of which was sideways. She had them taken out with local anesthetic only. Knowing she is deathly afraid of needles I thought it would be a huge problem. Dr lee explained everything to her in detail and gave her time to decide if she wanted to go ahead without getting put out. Kathi, his assistant was great with her. Held her hand, kept her calm. She was sweet and funny and really helped my daughter relax. The best part is my daughter has no anxiety about going back for the other two teeth now. Thank you dr lee and Kathi.

Alysso P. reviewed Progressive Oral Surgery — 5 star

I got 2 wisdom teeth removed without being knocked out last Tuesday. Didn’t feel a thing, both Stephanie and kathy were very sympathetic and compassionate as I had never had teeth pulled before. Dr lee did the extractions and I was done and driving home within a half hour! I went back a half a week later because (when it rains it pours) I had gotten dry socket in one of the extraction sites & my wisdom teeth on my other side had gotten infected. Dr panagos recommended I wait until completely healed on the one side before doing any work to the other but after the pleasant experience I went back the next day and got the other 2 removed, again without being knocked out. Already recommended people to them! Reasonably priced as well!

Soheil P. reviewed Progressive Oral Surgery — 5 star

Dr. rastegar and his entire staff were so welcoming and professional. Dr.Rastegar took his time to remove my wisdom tooth, and followed up to make sure I was feeling well after the procedure. I recommend him to everyone !