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3D Imaging

A patient having 3D imaging in Garden City, NY
At Progressive Oral Surgery & Implantology of Long Island, we utilize the CS 9300 system to take 3D images of your teeth. 3D imaging allows us to better understand the anatomy of your mouth, which is essential before we perform any type of corrective procedure. By using this state-of-the-art technology, we will be better prepared to accurately diagnose potential issues and develop the best possible treatment program for you.

How Is 3D Imaging Different From a Traditional X-ray?

A typical dental x-ray will just focus on the teeth, and for each image you’ll need one exposure. Therefore, to get the same picture as a 3D image, you’d need many exposures. 3D imaging shows considerably more than a simple 2D x-ray, as this newer technology will provide more accurate and complete visual information from every angle. Additionally, the data can be easily shared and duplicated without the worry of film getting lost.

How Is the CS 9300 Different From Other CT Scanners?

Unlike the traditional, spiral CT scanner, the CS 9300 3D system uses cone beam technology to provide crystal-clear and precise digital images. This technology allows us a greater range in our ability to diagnose problems, and it can reduce the need for multiple office visits to find out exactly what is going on in your mouth.

Best of all, the system allows us to properly diagnose your oral and facial impairment while exposing you to minimal radiation levels. Our 3D scanner will allow us to select the perfect scanning area or field of view, helping to limit your exposure to radiation since we will be focusing directly on the area of concern.

How Does it Work?

Our 3D imaging system is essentially a digital x-ray that is mounted to a rotating arm. Similar to a digital camera, the system uses digital technology rather than traditional film to record your images. It’s referred to as cone beam technology because the scanner will project x-rays in the form of a cone-shaped beam.

When it is time for your scan, you’ll sit in a chair, and the scanner will move in a circle around your head. After one revolution, the scanner will have gathered all of the necessary data. You don’t need to make any special preparations before your scan.

Next, your technician can bring up any view that they need on their computer, whether this is a 2D, 3D, or panoramic view of your whole mouth. Your surgeon will be able to view the images from any angle and use different magnifications to zoom in on problem areas, specifically those with the bones, airways, tissues, nerves and teeth. This information is essential for evaluating or planning proper treatment.

What Happens After the Scan?

After the scan, the information will be used to develop a proper treatment plan for your oral or facial issue. We’ll use this technology to easily and quickly share images of the problem area with your referring dentist or physician. This will allow your doctors to work together on your care to deliver a positive treatment experience.
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